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After Service
After-sales service and promise
. Service promise and scheme within guarantee period
Each compressor supplied by our company has been inspected and tested by professional quality inspectors according to relevant standard and specification before it leaves factory, and its quality is guarantee after it leaves factory.
   We provide free debugging to all products supplied by us. After site debugging, test and acceptance of the compressor, we will repair the compressor or replace the faulty part on time at our own cost if any fault occurs to the compressor which is operated by client according to instruction manual. Such guarantee period of compressor is 18 months from leaving factory. 
   We will provide free technical training to client’s compressor operation staff.
   We undertake to solve any quality problem arising in installation and test run. Upon reception of notice of problem from client, we will reply within 2 hours, or, if necessary, we will arrive at site within 48 hours to solve the problem (excluding exceptional case). We are responsible for any quality problem caused by reason of using unqualified material or improper manufacture.   
. Service promise after expiration of guarantee period
After guarantee period expires, we will still provide after-sales service for compressor supplied by us with preferable charge. Depending on the specific repair work, we just charge the actual cost incurred. If any part is to be replaced, we will supply substitute part with 5% discount from the ex-work price. We guarantee to perform service punctually, sufficiently and with good quality. We also guarantee to supply wearing parts from stock in hand, and for special part, the delivery period should not exceed 1 month.
三.Service staff
Under the leadership of product sales department, the after-sales service will be performed
as one-package service. All service staff is composed of engineering technicians and professional debugging technicians who are well trained on purpose and have rich experience.
    After-sales service hotline: 010-64462190 ext. 22
010-64462190 ext. 13
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