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High speed air compressor


The air compressor produced by our company adopts the symmetrical balance type; the unit is smooth in operation and simple in maintenance, which greatly meets the requirement of techniques such as PET bottle blowing, medicine, biological product, precise application, precise electric, scientific experiment and textile as well as other special industries to the oil free compressed air. 


7. The unit adopts the symmetrical balance type, small in vibration and smooth in operation. 

8. The whole unit adopts the skid mount structure, low in height, simple in petrol inspection and maintenance, and small in floor space. 

9. Both cylinder and packing are oil free; piston ring, support ring and seal packing adopt the self lubrication material PTFE. 

10. The vulnerable part is long in lifetime. 

11. Processed air volume of single unit is 8m³/min, 12m³/min, 15m³/min, 20m³/min, 25m³/min, 30 m³/min, 40 m³/min, 50 m³/min and 60 m³/min respectively. 

12. Max. rated speed of the unit is up to 1000RPM; adding frequency converter will enhance the energy conservation performance. 

7. The pressure temperature can be controlled automatically; the unit is capable of realizing auto start/stop under light load. 

8. The design and manufacture adopt foreign advanced technology. 


排气量Displacementm3/min 进气压力Intake
 pressure   MPa
 pressure MPa
rev r/min
压缩机撬外形尺寸  (L×W×H)mm 重量
 weight     t  
功率porer  kw 电压
 Pressure   v     
1 2D4GW-12/40 空气 Air 12 常压 4 990 3330*2630*1760mm 4000 160 380
2 4M4GW-20/40 空气 Air 20 常压 4 990 3330*3630*1760mm 4500 280 380
3 4M4GW-25/40 空气 Air 25 常压 4 990 3430*3630*1760mm 5000 315 380
4 2D6GW-30/40 空气 Air 30 常压 4 990 4000*3000*2000mm 5500 400 380
5 4M6GW-40/40 空气 Air 40 常压 4 990 4100*3700*2100mm 6000 500 380
6 4M6GW-50/40 空气 Air 50 常压 4 990 4200*3800*2200mm 6500 630 380
7 4M6GW-60/40 空气 Air 60 常压 4 990 4300*4000*2300mm 7000 770 380

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